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In hash-joints, flophouses, and Underworld hideouts throughout the world, superstitious pirates, gangsters, black marketeers and the like mention ‘The Demon’ in hush tones……
Ever fearful that they may fall victim to his grim brand of justice. There is nowhere to run from this restless spectre, and nowhere to hide. But

the greatest mystery remains, who is the Demon?? You need to read the thrilling, hair-raising adventures of ‘The Demon’ to find out!

If you haven’t checked out the Demon yet, YOU NEED TO!
In the tradition of Lee Falk and Ray Moore’s ‘The Phantom’ comes ‘The Demon’.
But what is the difference? Consider this. Matt wanted to take everything he loved about those classic stories and add something new to the mix. It all began from pondering the following questions:
‘What if Jimmy Wells actually was the Phantom?’
‘What if Diana Palmer was?’
‘What if all the descendants of the Phantom had the right to swear the Skull Oath?’
Demon curious?

Matt Kyme is a Melbourne based comic book writer/artist best known for creating That Bulletproof Kid and The Demon, which was shortlisted for the 2017 Ledger Award. Matt has released a number of comics and graphic novels and has contributed writing and/or art to Carmen, Bullet Gal, Decay, Retro Sci-Fi, Gaining – Velocity Darker Forces, Gourmand Go and Melbourne Comics Quarterly.

In 2017 Matt gave Dee’s the great honour of an exclusive Variant cover for Issue 4. Needless to say, we were over the moon! Get into the store and grab your copies of ‘The Demon’.

Issue 1 – ‘The Princess of Kerala’
Issue 2 – ‘The Rat’s Nest’
Issue 3 – ‘The Cat Burglar and the Crown’ and ‘The Brigands’
Issue 4 – ‘Captives of Columbo’

That Bulletproof Kid –
Also by the amazing Matt Kyme and Gat Melvyn, ‘That Bulletproof Kid’ is an ongoing full colour comic book about Anth. Anth always thought having superpowers would be wicked.

When he got them, he discovered being super isn’t easy!
Going to school, fitting in socially and trying to figure out girls is hard enough as it is without the added pressure of having a secret identity. 
How are you supposed to get your homework done when you’re always having the save the world?

Paying homage to classic style comic strips, Bipp and Trax Intergalactic Realestate is presented in landscape format, with each page appearing as if it was ripped directly from the concept art book of Star Wars. Just when we thought we had seen everything space has to offer, creator Daniel Watts offers a new and entertaining perspective.

We have all had a horrible boss, which makes the adventures of Bipp and Trax all the more relatable. Working for a shady intergalactic realestate agent by the name of Mr. D, they are tricked into jobs that no one else would do, usually forced into the face of danger for the sake of his power. Piloted by a bounty hunter, Bipp and Trax’s ship soon becomes under attack by pirates, and their questionably oversized delivery is disrupted in the process. Though dramatic, is still comedic.

Being only the first volume of what we can assume to be a long running series, Watt’s approaches the idea of space in a different light, presenting it perfectly through a series of highly detailed illustrations and a sophisticated storyline. If you could imagine the dystopian future of Blade Runner mixed with the Space-Western vibe of Firefly, Bipp and Trax Intergalactic Realestate manages to combine several genres into one 44-page comic.

Dan Watts is a freelance artist. As well as creating the all-ages sci-fi comedy following the adventures of Bipp and Trax, Dan is the artist for a children’s book. “FREYA THE FIRST AIDER” is an adventure story which teaches First Aid. Freya is expanding and will soon have a full series of books.

Dan Watts has worked with: Matt Kyme on “THAT ALL STAR BULLETPROOF KID”, and recently the cover for Episode 3 “THE DEMON”; Jason Franks on a short story “MONOCHROME and “THE PRINCE”; and upcoming “MAGPIE” with Andrez Bergen. Dan has previously published a small collection of comics he has worked on into a small anthology.

If you like 2000AD, Heavy Metal, Steve Aylett, Philip K. Dick or just good ol’ fashioned dick joke, then you need to check out Job Dun, Fat Assassin!!!!
Job Dun, Fat Assassin is a full-colour, bizarro sci-fi comic about a rotund gun for hire trying to survive the smut-ridden streets of Ink-Blot, the VR dystopian city where filth and bastardry is never in short supply. Think of it as a demented hybrid of (Bisley’s) Lobo and Lobster Random, mixed in with a bit of Steve Aylett and Philip K. Dick, and sprinkled with a healthy dose of smut-noir. Or better yet, Blade Runner, but fatter – and sexier.

Written by the keeper of secrets, Mark Hobby and illustrated by a host of Australian and International artists including Ben Michael Byrne (Kranburn, NSEW), Tom Bonin, Alex Mines, Paul Mason, Lauren Marshall, Noelle Criminova, Kev Harper, and featuring the lettering talents of Bolt-01.

Also by Mark and ripped from the pages of Job Dun, Fat Assassin comes the lo-fi, meta-sci-fi spin-off Sik ‘n’ Rex, Bullet-Dogs! Looking to become the big mutts in town, these wanna-be thugs bite off more than they can chew when they come up against a local seductress with plans of her own. With Job Dun the only one who can save them, the question is: can he be bothered? Written by Mark Hobby and illustrated by Michael Adam Kindred, Sik ‘n’ Rex is 32 pages in full colour, featuring the lettering talents of Bolt-01!

Learn the ins and outs of the super-villain business from three-time Best Solo Supervillain award winner The Prince. Watch Mr Ex orchestrate a supercrime the smart way. Destroy a wind farm with gun-crazy pro-pollution-activist Monochrome. Take a fully automatic tour of Transylvania with murderer-for-hire McBlack. Impress your friends by quoting Shakespeare–then rob and kill them. If you ever wanted to be a supervillain, this is the book for you.

24 pages, in full colour. Written by Jason Franks; illustrated by Daniel Watts, Brendan Halyday, and Aly Faye; coloured by Jason Quest and Garth Jones. Cover by Graeme Jackson.

Written by the twisted but highly personable Jason Franks. Jason sold his first short story in 2001. Since then his work has been published in the USA, Australia and the UK.

Franks is best known for the The Sixsmiths graphic novel series, a satire about a family of suburban Satanists who have fallen prey to the GFC, the horror-crime series LeftHand Path, and the occult rock’n’roll novel Bloody Waters. Although he is primarily a writer, Franks has also served penciler on several projects, primarily the gonzo SF noir McBlack series. His work has been short-listed for Aurealis and Ledger awards.

McBlack used to be a private dick, but he gave it up to concentrate on the stuff he really enjoys: murder, arson, and sabotage. 
McBlack is a thug for hire. No mission is too dirty, no client too unsavoury, no genre trope too sacred.

Killeroo is a renowned Australian comic book character, a native anti-hero, urban legend of the Aussie outback and badass marsupial! With over a dozen books and counting, Killeroo has become one of the most recognised and iconic Australian comic book characters, featuring the work of folks like Ben Templesmith, Jon Sommariva, Andie Tong, Jason Paulos and Jason Badower.

Created and produced by Australia’s favourite son, Darren Close, Killeroo, ‘Rufus’ is a violent, anthropomorphic kangaroo, part hero, all round badass! As well as the publication of his Killeroo comic book series, Darren has been a staple of the Australian comics scene for over 15 years.

He’s worked in collaboration with Jason Badower on international comic titles such as WONDER WOMAN ’66 and IPSO FACTO, as well as provided concept art for WATERBORNE, the first zombie kangaroo film.
His 24hr comic STRUGGLE was named Best Australian Original Comic Book of 2015 by ComicOz.

Child star Jenny McCurdy wants to escape her crap celebrity life to do something useful, like defend Earth against the Martians. Easier said than done.
She was the 14-year-old child star of the hit TV series ‘Deathship Jenny’. Now 17, Jenny McCurdy wants to escape the high-profile life forced on her by her Z-Grade celebrity parents.
She’s sick of being used. She’s sick of everything ‘fake’ about her life. She wants to help for a change.
Jenny’s running away to join the military ship ‘The Procurement’: large as a continent circling the Moon and designed to deal with the threat from Mars. Jenny thinks a 6 month, non-combat, engineering cadetship is everything she needs: privacy and an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. On her terms.
Yeah. Like that’s going to happen.

From the mind of the indomitable Rob O’Connor and featuring additional art from Jase Harper, Lex Sugden, Natasha Barr, Hamish Topen, David Smith, Pete Ryan, Darren Close, Stewart Cook, Adam Rose, Mark Osberg, Egan Wesener, Sam Daley, Adam Rose, Dan Watts, Cristian Roux, Steve Wilson, Robert Hall, Nigel Bell and Dr Mike 2000!

NeverMorrow is a sci-fi comic written and illustrated by Chris McQuinlan.

After a spaceships travel through a newly discovered wormhole, It sets its sights on a new distant planet, Until it all goes wrong and it crash lands leaving only one survivor, Professor Mannix. Along with the ships AI interface OZMA, they must explore their new surroundings and try to discover new and civilised life in the hope of their survival.

Rose is a comic about one young woman’s love of food, her friends, food, animals, food, her family (sometimes), food, food and…did we mention food? It’s a fun, friendly all ages comic about her silly quests to get a great meal and have a laugh in the process. Take a bite and get a taste!

Cameron Davis writes and draws Rose, and is fully prepared to eat a lot of pancakes to do the necessary research for it. He also enjoys playing games on his Commodore 64 and thinks Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure is the greatest movie of all time.

Courier: The Adventures of Geraldine Barker is a tale is set in 1940 and tells of a young woman, (a dead ringer for Katherine Hepburn) who works for the old Post Master General (PMG) as a courier in Maydena, a real place on the edge of Tasmania’s wilderness.

Written and illustrated by Angie Spice, winner of the Australian 24-hour comic challenge with her entry “Galah Girl”. Both comics present historical Australian settings with convicting female protagonists. Spirituality, music and emotive drama are frequent elements in her storytelling style.

Bread is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour and water, usually by baking. Throughout recorded history it has been popular around the world and is one of the oldest artificial foods, having been of importance since the dawn of agriculture. Bread has a social and emotional significance beyond its importance as nourishment.

BUT what happens when 18 sentient slices of bread are loose in the city???
The Talking Bread is a hilarious comic book series following the story of 18 self-aware slices of bread and their survival in the CBD of Melbourne. Will they ‘rise’ to the challenge??

Created by Kieran Nunn who as a young man started Baking the Dough. Kieran’s journey to creativity was always his path, that he walked his way, one foot in front of
the other, you know, the way someone walks a path. After some questionable
experimental forays into ‘Bread Science’ he kickstarted his comic career with ‘The Talking Bread’. A look back on his days in the bakery and his wacky sense of humour collide in the first issues of his multi-part series. The future looks bright and he is now making the dough.

Decay and Retro Sci-Fi Tales are Australian anthology comic books. Every issue features around a dozen to two-dozen creators – making this the biggest and best showcase of Australian talent around, with over 100 Australian creators featured in over 30 big comic books so far. Every issue is a showcase of the incredible talent Australia has to offer.

Decay is a Mature Readers horror anthology, with 23 issues out so far. Retro Sci-Fi Tales is a PG rated anthology of sci-fi stories with a nostalgic feel.
Both titles are a mix of professional creators and new emerging talents with many of Australia’s top creators working on the stories along with a few international guests too.

Australian creator Kris Lippert brings us Witches Trine, the centuries-spanning story of three immortal witches: Olivia, the Scholar; Eva, the Healer; and Victoria, the Warrior. Their devotion to the Dark Arts is only surpassed by their loyalty to each other.
When they find themselves in the middle of a sinister plot to raise the Antichrist, they will have to use all their Craft and unique abilities to save themselves and the world…and not even death can stand in their way!

In ‘The Lesser Evil’ three men are drawn into the civil war on Messar, and as their paths begin to intersect and tangle together, they come to realise that the galaxy has very different plans for all of their dreams. The Lesser Evil is a book that examines what it means to have a dream… and what that dream can end up costing, regardless of whether it comes true.

Gentleman among men, patron saint of Canberra, Shane W Smith is the creator of eight full-length graphic novels, and a number of shorter pieces. Three of his books have been shortlisted for national awards, including the zombie-family-drama Undad, which tells the tale of a vegetarian family man who unexpectedly turns undead. He has a creative writing degree from the University of Canberra, and his oddest achievement is getting a comic published in a refereed academic journal. His latest project involved editing a massive and ambitious anthology of comics and prose entitled ‘All The King’s Men’, which was published in late 2016.

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