Not all heroic legacies are born out of an altruistic need to do good, some are born out of bloodshed. Sometimes the path of redemption takes generations and atonement is a curse…

4 years ago, Matt Kyme created a hit independent series, The Wrath of The Cursed. What was 4-part series was thought to be concluded after the final issue was released in 2019. It was just not meant to be….

The ‘legacy’ begun by Kyme now passes to Halftone Productions Kieran Jack, and The Cursed returns!

30 years after the events of The Wrath of The Cursed. We meet a young swords-smith, Mitsuo. Estranged from his father, Mitsuo is now a renowned swordsmith working to help the governing body of the lands and to help with a gang war that is now spilling into the streets of Akuma Cove in the Rinzo Valley.

Only when The Yakuza and The Devil Clan arrive in Akuma Cove looking for the swordsmith to acquire his talents for the upcoming war, his refusal to join either will push him back into a life he scorned a time ago. Until a stranger return’s from Mitsuo past life…. Cole The Cursed!

The father and son form an uneasy alliance to uncover the truth of the rival gangs, while, unmasking their demons of the past.

Presented as a beautifully perfect bound mini graphic novel, and exclusive to Dee’s, featuring an absolutely wicked front cover by Camillo Di Pietrantonio (Camillo Art) and amazing back cover by Rui Macarico!!! (Rui Macarico Art)