Death has begun his next stage as the grim reaper of the Underrealm and Purgatory!

When Death comes across the entry to the Inferno broken open and all of its inhabitants freed. He will face down with a former ally, Beelzebub. But can Death stop this now turned adversary in time to stop Damian and his allies as they beginning their final move to reign destruction upon the living and dead, unless Death can put a stop to his plans.

Or will Damian succeed in the destruction of two worlds, the living and the dead?

Death, the guide of recently deceased is about to have his world pulled from under his feet as the claim to the Underrealm comes forward to wreak chaos and unleash hell on the land of the living.

Join Death, Mischief Maker, Thorn, Behemoth, Popobawa, Chronos And the riders of the Apocalypse, on this dark twisted tale of life after death in the next issues of In Purgatory!

We’ve teamed up with Kieran Jack and Halftone Productions to bring you some absolutely amazing covers from Karl Hewitt and local artist, Big Benji Newman, for some very special Dee’s editions of the latest issues of Kieran’s amazing ‘In Purgatory’ series!!

Check out Karl’s amazing cover for issue #7!


And from hometown hero, Benji Newman’s cover for issue #8!


These issue will release with both Kieran Jack and Benji Newman instore on the 25th of May!

We’re very excited to have the guys and some fantastic and unique comics, so get down on the day to grab your copy, meet the guys and get them signed!

You can pre-order your copies by clicking the links below, order instore, or grab a copy on the day!