DC’s Knight Terrors is coming!

You picked up the free comic book day preview and got a taste of the fear inducing, terror evoking, pants wetting horror spectacular DC has planned for July and August, but we know you’re ready for more!

The Dawn of DC horror-focused event will take over the publishing line in July and August with a central four-issue Knight Terrors series, written by Joshua Williamson, along with several two-issue miniseries that each feature a DC Super Hero or Super-Villain confronting their worst nightmares in an insidious Nightmare Realm!

We know, we sense your quivering fear! The line-up of titles and creative teams looks set to make horror invading the DC universe something wild, different, and horrifically fun!

You can read full write ups and check out the whole line with this month’s DC Connect here:


That’s right, DC’s whole main publishing line goes on hold for July and August, so NONE of your regular DC titles will come out in July or August! We won’t cross-pull with this event as they don’t tie directly to the ongoing titles plots or ongoing series of the same name or character, and in many cases creative teams have been totally changed up.

Please let us know if you’re keen on or would like any of DC’s Knight Terrors added to your order. Check out DC Connect and the checklist and let us know what will chill and thrill you!

Orders are due last week of May, so shoot us a message, an email, give us a call, send a raven, whatever you’ve got to do!