Something is coming…. something damned…. something from hell…. something infernal….. Something from Joseph Schmalke and Dee’s Comics!

In 2021 an amazing series hit the shelves, a gore and sex soaked, high paced, punch in the face of violence and exploitation style grindhouse pulp comic intensity about a rock star who’d sold her soul to the devil but was not going into damnation without a bit of kicking and screaming on the way. Cherry Blackbird blew our minds and we wanted more! And then we found out, there is more!!

We’re so excited to be able to present to you, direct from the creator we think of as one of the masters of modern horror comics, Joseph Schmalke’s THE INFERNAL PACT!

Written and illustrated by Joseph, before Cherry Blackbird, Infernal Pact took us head first into that world of sacrifice, sex, violence, mystery, damnation, and darkness.

Beatrice, Biscuit, and Punk Rocker are three meth heads who jokingly sell their souls for drugs and find themselves actually cursed. The newly damned trio begin trying to find a way to save their damned souls, but a deal with hell never has a public disclaimer! Hunted by Devil worshiping bikers, they’re on a collision course with hell and infernal damnation!

When you’re forced to roll with the devil, you may as well just say ‘LET’S RIDE!’

We know from the success of Seven Years in Darkness, Cherry Blackbird, Electric Black, Phantom Starkiller and We Don’t Kill Spiders, that most of you are familiar with Joseph’s work, but for those coming in late…..

Joseph Schmalke is a comics creator, writer, illustrator, craft beer connoisseur and necromancer, living deliciously and residing in Maine, USA.

When he’s not hand modeling, staring into the abyss, or challenging EVERY kangaroo in Australia to a fight, Joe is the author or artist (often both) on several horror comics, past and present, including SEVEN YEARS IN DARKNESS (CEX), WE DON’T KILL SPIDERS (Black Caravan), MURDER HOBO (Scout Comics), THE ELECTRIC BLACK (Scout Comics/Black Caravan), PHANTOM STARKILLER (Black Caravan), THE CALAMITOUS BLACK DEVILS (Broken Icon Comics), and his self-published Grindhouse graphic novels THE INFERNAL PACT, and CHERRY BLACKBIRD. He was co-publisher at BLACK CARAVAN with Rich Woodall.

A classically trained painter, Joe got his start doing tattoos in the back of New Orleans barber shops. After a dark period where his obsession with proving the existence of sasquatch consumed him, Joseph joined a travelling circus, then an underground jackalope fighting circuit. A man of ambition, recently Schmalke was quoted putting out the challenge to Australia’s iconic animal emblem the Kangaroo. “Those f%$kin hoppin horse faces best be on alert, I’m coming… and hell is coming with me”

Recently Joseph has been spotted gummi bear farming.

A lifelong lover of comic books and horror movies, he has worked behind the scenes in film and tv but has always focused on making the type of books that he loves to read, full of dark humour and dark themes. Joseph may or may not own a trained gorilla named George.*

(*All information about Joseph Schmalke is completely true, except for the parts that aren’t)

He has worked on countless variant comic book covers for Boom! Studios, Image Comics, Vault Comics, Mad Cave and Valiant comics. His work is also featured on, Exclusive FYE and MARVEL COMICS t-shirt designs, SUPER 7 card artwork, and was a contributor on A Sound of Thunder’s IT WAS METAL graphic novel anthology.

We chatted to Schmalke while he shadow boxed an inflatable wallaby:

“The infernal pact is a grindhouse horror story about three meth addled friends who jokingly sell their souls for drugs and find themselves cursed.”

“It’s the first part of my shared over the top exploitation universe that extends into the sequel Cherry Blackbird.”

“I’m excited to see this get another chance at print and people can experience a true indy horror comic. Everything about this was experimental from the scratch board techniques I used to draw the pages to my early simplified color pallets used to create a vibrant yet demonic atmosphere.”

We’re so excited and thankful to be publishing this fantastic series and working with Joseph. We instantly fell in love with Cherry Blackbird, so when we found out about Infernal Pact, we wanted to be part of bringing it to the world in it’s new form, it’s a grindhouse comic book kick in the jubblies of over the top supernatural weird with gratuitous sex and violence, what’s not to love?!


Told over 3 issues and an ashcan and presented in a full sized comic trim, each issue has a very cool varnish treatment on the matching covers, and will be available in single issues and bundles. Pre-order your copies instore or with the links below!




You can check out more of Joseph’s work and his patreon here:



Direct from the hands of the modern master of horror himself, Joseph Schmalke! Schmalke’s grindhouse epic splatter-fest is now available in a complete volume, uncensored, and eternally damned!

Rockstar Cherry Blackbird sold her soul for fame.

Now at the age of 26, time is running short. The day she turns 27, she’ll be dragged to Hell. But Cherry is not one to go quietly. The Devil tasks her with collecting seven demonic souls that have escaped the Abyss. If she can do this before her next birthday, she’ll be released from her infernal pact and spared eternal damnation. Heaven help anyone who gets in her way!

You won’t find this in other stores, we’ve gotten a limited amount of stock direct from Joe, so be quick!!