In the late 90s the surf brand ‘Third Wave ’99’ was the hottest thing on the beaches of Florida…..and then it was gone….

What caused one of the biggest surf brand brands to just disappear?

Poor management? Lies? Deception? Supernatural forces? Murder?

Recently our friends at scout comics acquired the rights to resurrect the cool stylings of the brand and have taken this as an opportunity to tell the story behind the controversial late 1990’s Florida surf brand!

Third Wave ’99 follows surf shop/brand owners Rob Cutler and Jack Reed, along with hotheaded young teenager Matt Hurley. The popular surf shop doubles as a support group that helps troubled individuals use surfing as a replacement for other negative self-destructive habits. Young Matt’s temper has not only hampered his promising college baseball opportunities, but could his actions have been the catalyst for events that ultimately lead to the disappearance of Third Wave entirely?

Find out the true story behind the rise and fall of Third Wave ’99!

Scout Comics President and Third Wave writer, James Haick has helped us to organise something very special just for Australia and Dee’s! Check out this beautiful Dee’s Exclusive cover by series artist himself, Antonio Luis XIII!!

Let’s check out the team behind this great comics series and our exclusive!

President James Haick III, is the writer/creator of Solar Flare, The Mall, Long Live Pro Wrestling, and Third Wave 99. He heads Scout’s marketing division, web store and new headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida. He has years of sales experience and continues to manage his own financial services practice in Bonita Springs, FL.
He also has one of the finest moustaches in the comics industry!

A Brazilian artist who’s passion is telling stories through comics, a medium he has loved since childhood. He has been working professionally as an artist since 2006, when I started actually selling his art and services.
A huge fan of American and European comics, his work has been influenced by both, but he has a special passion for Franco-Belgian comics.
He is currently working on Third Wave ’99 for Scout Comics, providing covers and sequential interiors and other projects including ‘Hamarteia’, ‘Patriotika’, ‘Royal Blood’ and ‘Exiern’

You can check out more of his work here:

This limited variant cover is available exclusively at Dee’s while stocks last!