Dee’s Comics in conjunction with Scout Comics, Black Caravan, Dan Watts and Darren Stephens, are excited to present an exclusive edition of the sell-out smash hit ‘Phantom Starkiller’!

The Phantom Starkiller has proven to be a fan favourite across three sell out printings from Scout Comics and here at Dee’s we have never been able to get enough to satisfy everyone with the tale of the cosmic ghoul warrior and first chapter in the ‘Curse of the Cryptocrystalline Stone’

We’re so excited to be able to bring you our excusive and beautiful variant edition, featuring art by awesome Aussie artist, possibly one of the best artist in the world and nicest guy in comics, Dan Watts!! And just to add a little bit of prefect onto perfection, the cover has been coloured by British superstar and dynamo, Darren Stephens!

Dan is the creator of the fantastic indie series ‘Bipp and Trax: Intergalactic Realestate’, artist for the educational children’s book ‘Freya the First Aider’, contributor and cover artist to countless other Australian comics including ‘Job Dun Fat Assassin’, ‘The Demon’, ‘Smiling Damned’, ‘That All Star Bulletproof Kid’, ‘Bronwyn’, ‘Magpie’, ‘Deathship Jenny’ and ‘McBlack’, just to name a few.

Darren is a UK based comic strip colourist and artist. He has been working on comics in some shape or form ever since he was a kid. Over the years he has been lucky enough to work with so many talented people on a whole bunch of awesome projects. His work is always second to none and has appeared in 2000ad, FutureQuake, Zarjaz, Dogbreath, the 77, Sonic the Hedgehog, Red Dwarf mag, Phoenix comic and more.


The Phantom Starkiller started out as a vintage-style action figure made in collaboration between Killer Bootlegs and Super 7. The cosmic ghoul warrior was then brought to life by the crew at Black Caravan, Scout Comics’ imprint for comics with a hint of darkness and a whole lot of awesome! The action figure screams a retro and vintage feel, with the card artwork evoking classic cosmic comics, retro action and sci-fi films and the comic delivers all that and more in spades! Killer Bootlegs founder Peter Goral, has written the comic book adventures of Phantom Starkiller, which is drawn by wicked comic artist, the amazing Joseph Schmalke!

Writer and creator Peter Goral spoke, in Scout’s original release announcement, about translating his idea for the Phantom Starkiller toy into narrative life with this comic:

“I’m so excited for fans around the globe to FINALLY have the chance to explore the world of Phantom Starkiller! For over a decade, I have been fleshing out this universe through action figures, toys, and other merchandise, all the while, hinting at a much larger world through the stories printed on the backside of their packaging. Now thanks to the team at Scout Comics and Black Caravan, (especially to my partner on this project and long time collaborator, Joseph Schmalke) I am able to dive deep into my psychedelic, sci-fi/horror fantasy in the way that I have always envisioned. I can’t wait for everyone to check out this book. No matter what you think you know about the COSMIC GHOUL WARRIOR, you’re going to be in for one hell of a wild ride!!”

Joseph Schmalke is co-publisher at Black Caravan and creator of ‘Cherry Blackbird’, ‘We Don’t Kill Spiders’, co-creator of the hilarious ‘Murder Hobo’, and had already been working with Goral before the inception of the comic. Joseph had this to say about their collaborations during the production of the Phanton Starkiller action figure:

“A few years ago, I started working with creator Peter Goral (Killer Bootlegs) illustrating card art for his unique creations. Phantom Starkiller is easily one of the coolest eye-catching toys ever produced, and once I saw him, I had to know more about him. Peter gladly shared the rich backstory he had created for the cosmic ghoul warrior and I knew it would make an amazing comic book. When Scout gave me the opportunity to co-publish Black Caravan, I saw a home for Phantom Starkiller and the other characters from Peter’s Curse of the Cryptocrystalline stone.”

It has been a great honour and pleasure to bring all of you this fantastic Dee’s Exclusive edition of Phantom Starkiller and we hope it will become a cherished item in everyone’s collection. But we especially hope you enjoy the awesome world and story this book brings, it’s like all the best bits of all your favourite retro and nostalgic properties have been mashed together in the most perfect way! It feels familiar but totally new and totally fresh at the same time.

What’s the Story?!!

For uncounted millennia, the Cryptocrystalline Stone remained lost to the blackness of space, hidden amongst the stars.
As time passed, the galaxy slipped into greater peril. Thousands of systems fell and worlds crumbled. Dark and ominous beings conspire from the shadows to possess its unlimited power and ability to resurrect a legion of deathless warriors.
From the vastness of the unknown regions, whispers of his return paralysed all in fear: Phantom Starkiller, The Cosmic Ghoul Warrior must now unleash his inner darkness to carry out his master’s wishes, all while plotting his revenge; for he cannot stop his interstellar rampage until The Curse of The Cryptocrystalline Stone has been broken!

The Phantom Starkiller Dee’s Exclusive will be released on Friday the 13th of August!