We’re still reeling from the Kranburgeddon of last year and yet, once again, Ben Michael Byrne, the one man comic industry and penis artiste extraordinaire, delivers more of that BMB magic come March.

New Kranburn!
New Ektype!
And the second HUGE trade paperback collection of Kranburn are all arriving at Dee’s to change your life and/or bring you great joy.

The debut issue of Ektype intrigued us, easeing while increasing our yearnings of curiosity!
Gorgeous art and a story that sucks you in immediately leaving you wanting more, NOW! Mysterious and intriguing, imagine ‘infinite Horizon’ meets ‘Just a Pilgrim’ with a sprinkling of ‘Land of the Lost’

In 2018 a large ‘explosion’, 3000 kilometres in diameter, occurs in the centre of Australia. Fast forward 32 years, and the inside of the explosion and the outside are two very different worlds, although both still have an effect on each other.
We met Bruce. Bruce is 35 years old. Bruce has been alive for 2 years……
What’s inside the blast zone? Why are ‘Bruce’s’ being sent in there hand over fist?

The only bad thing about the first issue was having to wait for the second, but wait no more!



Retrun to the dystopian future of NSEW.
NSEW is unlike any comic you have read before.
In this latest issue, more of the puzzle pieces start to fall into place giving us a glimpse of the bigger story and picture. This comic doesn’t hold your hand, or tell you to assume anything, it doesn’t pat your head and whisper it’s going to be alright. NSEW is the comic book equivalent of a kick in the jubblies!

Ben’s art, as always, is detailed, gritty and beautiful, speaking volumes by itself without text and issue #9 features the arting of Alex Smith and Mason Cook.

If you haven’t checked out NSEW yet, YOU NEED TO!




One of the best Australian comics of all time is the acclaimed series Kranburn. Ben’s tale of survival in the wastelands of Melbourne’s post apocalyptic outer suburbs continues with issue #12.
More awesome B&W art, superb pacing and aussie-ness! Brutal and gritty, Ben’s post apocalyptic Melbourne is not a place you ever want to be, but while reading you don’t want to leave. Every panel and every page has you NEEDING to read the next!

A plague ravaged the world, totally unprepared for the fast spreading illness mankind was made nearly extinct. Life has stuttered but continued, mostly in the form of strongholds and settlements but the ugly head of humanity survives. This story follows the settlement of Kranburn, a small town built on what was once the rooftop car park of an old shopping centre. In this kill or be killed environment the peaceful settlement of Kranburn cannot continue to take the passive route when might equals right and a mad dictator to the north has every intention of destroying them. Imagine Mad Max in Melbourne without all the wank.

Also arriving is the second mammoth sized trade paperback collection. Containing issues #7-#12, it’s a telephone book sized slab of Kranny goodness!






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