We often get asked what we are reading at the shop. The answer is, lots of stuff!
We thought it might be nice to share some of the books that have floated our boat, rustled our jimmies and got our motors going.

Things we’ve read this month:

Ektype by Ben Michael Byrne.
Gorgeous art and a story that sucks you in immediately leaving you wanting more, NOW! Mysterious and intriguing, imagine ‘infinite Horizon’ meets ‘Just a Pilgrim’. The only bad thing about Ektype is having to wait for the next one. What’s inside the blast zone? Why are ‘Bruce’s’ being sent in there hand over fist? Can’t recommend the latest offering from Ben enough!





Metcop Wonderland #6 by Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell.
Metcop Wonderland is a gem. The perfect mix of mystery, sci-fi and humour. In this latest issue the plot thickens and gets a whole lot more mysterious concerning the ‘demon train’, but Alan is concerned with after work drinks and nabbing the ‘grey whale’ to become a legend in the tea room. Issue #6 also has an awesome cover by the legendary Matt Kyme, the usual snazzy uniforms and low level authority figures getting the job done amid the chaos of public transport and a potentially trans-dimensional cover up. If you haven’t checked out the series yet, get on it.




Kranburn by Ben Michael Byrne.
Holy crap! Kranburn is back! The sparkly new copies of #1-#10 and the brand new issue #11 have warranted re-reading of the entire shabangabang, and this series is GLORIOUS! Glorious in the awesome B&W art, superb pacing and aussie-ness! Brutal and gritty, Ben’s post apocalyptic Melbourne is not a place you ever want to be, but while reading you don’t want to leave. Every panel and every page has you NEEDING to read the next!





Moon Knight #200 Max Bemis, Jacen Burrows & Various.
This mix of anniversary issue and finale issue was enjoyable, tied a lot of elements from Bemis’ run together but also left things a little messy….kind of like the character. This run has been great but not outstanding like the previous run by Jeff Lemire (who contributes to this issue). Definitely still one of the best Marvel books of the last yea






NSEW #8 by Ben Michael Byrne.
Ben delivers another heavyweight punch straight to our brains with the latest issue of his post-apocalyptic sci-fi anthology series. NSEW is unlike any comic you have read before. Ben’s art, as always, is detailed, gritty and beautiful, speaking volumes by itself without text. Issue 8 features guest art by Chris McQuinlan (Nevermorrow) and he arts hard! In this latest issue, more of the puzzle pieces start to fall into place giving us a glimpse of the bigger story and picture. This comic doesn’t hold your hand!





Deathship Jenny #4 by Rob O’Connor.
This is the end of the rollerskating reality TV star engineer Jenny’s first adventure and what a finish it is. Equally funny, satisfying and touching. Rob’s series has been great, poking fun at reality television and our increasingly media consumed lives, he reminds us through Jenny of the importance and simple pleasure of real experience. As with the rest of the series, the layouts and sequential art are brilliant. One of the highlights are the hilarious futuristic ads throughout the book by a range of guest artists including Dan Gilmore, Terry Rowe, Lisa Hack, Jules Faber, Matt Kyme, RW Adams and Emmanuel Hernaez.





Struggle Revised Edition by Darren Close.
‘Struggle’ is a story about fighting depression, in Darren’s case the ‘black dog’ is actually a 7 foot tall killer kangaroo, his creation, Rufus, the Killeroo. The new revised edition of the award winning ‘Struggle’ contains brand new content that is very raw, very real and very powerful. Darren bravely bares it all and puts everything out there in this brutally honest account of his struggles.




The Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius (Jean Giraud).
A classic and simply one of the most perfect comics ever created. Beautifully detailed and mind blowing art by Moebius visually tells Jodorowsky’s twisting, dazzling and surprising tale at breakneck speed. Impossible to put down and easy to read again and again.






Green Lantern #1 by Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff.
Love him or hate him, Grant Morrison when working with established properties always does something different and interesting, Green Lantern #1 is no exception. Being a big Green Lantern fan I haven’t felt wowed by much since Geoff Johns run culminating with ‘Blackest Night’, this issue is a great start to a new era for the character. It’s a bit weird and feels classic but new at the same time.