That’s right comic fans, friends of Dee’s and space rangers, we’re taking the Dee’s/Job Dun smut show on the road and will be heading to Sydney for the ultimate in pop culture conventions, Oz Comic Con!
We’re looking forward to unleashing our uniquely Canberran brand of foulness on an unsuspecting wider Sydney crowd and can’t wait to to bring the levels of normalcy and public decency down just a little….OK, you got us, into the bottomless depths of depravity!

Joining us in Sydney will be the man who is more stain than flesh, the foul unholy being currently wearing the skin of Mark Hobby, creator of the world’s greatest and most disgusting comics about a fat man assassin, Job Dun, Fat Assassin! Witness the very structure of the convention centre quake at his unspeakable and demented evil….or drop by and grab a copy of the latest issue!

But wait, there’s more! We will be of course joined by Dee’s manager and star of the all new Job Dun, Gary the Stormtrooper! Gary will be available to sign autographs, silently seethe with darkness and hatred and to stare into your very soul with his dead unwavering eyes.