Not all heroic legacies are born out of an altruistic need to do good, some are born out of bloodshed. Sometimes the path of redemption takes generations and atonement is a curse……

From the creator of That Bulletproof Kid and ‘The Demon’, Matt Kyme, comes¬†The Wrath Of The Cursed – Comic!

The Demon was fantastic, Wrath of the Cursed is magnificent!! Seamlessly blending 1930’s/40’s golden age style comic strips with classic manga influences, Kyme brings us one of the best new comics of 2018. Original, sumptuous, and compelling, if you haven’t checked out Wrath of the Cursed, you should!! (you can thank us later, you’re welcome)

In a place that seems both familiar yet different, in an age long past, the Say Ton Brotherhood holds sway, an organisation of apparent pirates and criminals. With the Supreme Leader in charge, this brotherhood runs by some fairly strict rules, enforced ath the top level by a sole executioner, known to all as ‘The Cursed’. Sharing the prestige of the Supreme Leader’s personaly bodyguard, the position of The Cursed is much desired – so much so that subterfuge occurs, throwing up suspicion that The Cursed has betrayed the Supreme Leader!
Thus ends Part One of The Cursed.
Included is a tale set in more modern times, ‘Fear The Cursed’, showing how the myth of The Cursed is kept alive. Written more light-heartedly by Kyme with amazing art from Angie Spice.

Available with 2 amazing covers, featuring the work of Kyme himself and the wizard, Graeme Jackson!

Wrath of the Cursed can be purchased in store or here: