He’s not the hero we deserve….he’s the hero we want!

The Fishman begins….

FISHMAN…is actually just a regular guy with no particular super-hero qualities. He’s just an Aussie bloke who believes that it is his destiny to be a super-hero. FISHMAN isn’t the most skilled crime- fighter around…he normally leaves more collateral damage lying around than he should…but he gets the job done.

He also dreams of one day playing in the NRL…….and has a dorsel fin?!!

Witness the birth, early years and his rise, against all the odds, to become one of Australia’s greatest superheroes in this 32 page biographical account of the Fishman’s life!

We are proud to be stocking Peter Player’s epic A Fishman adventure. Peter has been drawing for more years than he’d care to count. A lot of those years have been spent cartooning and doing freelance work for mags here (including ‘Picture’ magazine) and in the UK.

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? Well, the Fishman might…😜