Dee’s are excited and proud to be stocking Icarus Rising-Comic Series by legend Frank Sikalas with artistic dynamite from Aly Faye Draws.

More than a myth….

Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun, is reborn into the modern world. He is saved by Olympian Gods, Apollo and Poseidon and brought into a war that ended the reign of the Gods of Olympus and which is stirring once more. This ancient force now threatens mankind and the very existence of the human race. With powers of the Gods, Icarus becomes mankind’s last hope against an ancient force. 
Beautifully written by Frank and featuring fantastically awesome art by Aly, check out Icarus Rising #1!

We sat down with Frank, well sat down in front of some screens, and Gary hit Frank with 5 of the hard hitting real questions.

Gary:Tell us a little about yourself and Icarus Rising?

Frank: I am a passionate storyteller and writer as well as a historian. Graduating from the University of Queensland I travelled around and ended up teaching English abroad. It wasn’t until I saw the interaction between the kids I taught and their love of stories that I decided to try writing my own. It was more of a light bulb moment for me. Icarus Rising, rather Icarus itself, was one of my favourite myths as a kid. I saw the potential in him and decided to change his fate.

Gary: Socks with sandals? Yes or no?

Frank: No, definitely not hahaha.

Gary: What kind of research do you do, and how long did you spend researching before starting Icarus Rising?

Frank: I don’t really do much research, but I use certain references such as Hesiod’s Theogony. Most of what I write and am passionate about is mythology, stories from the ancient past and it’s what I grew up reading as a kid and continued into my studies.

The idea for Icarus Rising came about during a writing/brainstorming session. I was looking at and thinking about revaluating historical and mythological characters and stories. I started questioning certain aspects of the stories and characters, Icarus in particular, and asked myself, WHAT IF?

Gary: Tell us a little about Aly and working together?

Frank: Aly is an amazing artist. She’s passionate, adaptable, and artistically intuitive. I felt really comfortable and at ease working with because it felt as though we were always on the same wavelength and hardly had to change much. She interpreted the script on point. She has great line work and hidden skill for watercolours.

Gary: Chicken, beef, or lamb?

Frank: Lamb.

Frank also writes some pretty amazing kids books available at:
Retelling and creating mythology for children!