The Demon has arrived!

We are very excited to have ‘The Demon’ now instock. Created and published by aussie artist/writer Matt Kyme, the Demon is a 1930’s inspired crime fighter/adventurer comic.

We asked Matt to tell us a little about his great new work:

“The Demon is all about good old-fashioned ‘white hat’ heroics. I wanted to do a comic that captured the essence of the old 1930’s Phantom comics by Lee Falk and Ray Moore.”

“I’ve been a massive fan of Lee Falk’s The Phantom since I was nine. The earliest stories written by Falk and illustrated by Ray Moore remain my favourite comics of all time. Falk and Moore have, by far, had the biggest influence on my work. Just read a copy of The Demon. The influence there is obvious.”

With 3 amazing covers to choose from check out ‘The Demon’ #1 while stocks last!!